Will you help us get to 50% this month?

We are at 45% of our overall financial need!                                                GIVE  HERE

That’s pretty stinking exciting, considering we didn’t even have all of our ducks in a row until the end of October. God has been so good to us. We have seen Him stretch our savings, provide for us and rise up people to walk alongside us in ministry. Just last week, we had the opportunity to share our hearts in the church we grew up in. We received such a warm reception and were so blessed by the way the pastor chose to end the service. He had some people who know us well pray over us. It was such a sweet experience to be at the church where we both started in ministry and look back at all the things the Lord has done to prepare us for this.

We are now entering the second phase of our fundraising.

Part of the second phase is to sell the house. Once we reach 50% of our monthly pledged donations we are putting the house on the market. We have been working hard to sort, sell and store all of our stuff. We sold the bed right out from under the kiddos, and we sold our van just this week. We still have a sweet little pig up for grabs if you know anyone who is interested. The only problem is,  IT’S FEBRUARY ALREADY!!!!!!! We don’t have a lot of time for the house to be on the market. Our hope is to get the house on the market this month.

Will you help us reach the goal of also reaching 50% of our monthly support in February?

That means we need to see another $250 in monthly support. Could you give $10 or $20 monthly to help us bring Biblical training to pastors in Uganda? Don’t think that just because you can’t give hundreds of dollars, doesn’t mean you can’t be a vital part of what God is doing.

We have had many people verbally commit to joining the support team, but we can not count their contributions towards our goal until we know a specific amount. Please consider giving today.  One of the freeing things we have realized is that the work we are doing NOW is the work of a missionary. We are training, meeting with pastors and contacts, counseling, communicating the vision and preparing to go. Without the support we are now receiving we would not be able to do these things. Thank you so much for your prayerful consideration.


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