Who are we?

We are simply followers of Christ.

Brian and Jerilyn met at Seaford Baptist Church through the youth ministry. Years later, we worked together in that same ministry and were married. We have been married for going on 11 years.

Brian has a Biblical Counseling Degree from Southeaster Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. Jerilyn has a BA in Biblical Studies from Southeastern College in Wake Forest.

We served in Youth Ministry for 7 happy years. It was over that time that we started traveling to Uganda. The Lord used those trips to begin to change our hearts and awaken something within us. In 2010, we knew the Lord was moving us but we were unsure where. Everything seemed to be pointing us to Uganda, and despite our love for the people and the ministry there, we did not have peace about it.

Brian resigned from his ministry postion without a clear vision for what the Lord wanted us to do. Shortly after that, it became very clear that we were to join a church plant within our community. We very clearly saw that the Lord wanted us to make that step, even though there was no position or paycheck available. The Lord sustained us for 6 months without any income. We continue to work with that church plant and Brian has served as the Connections Pastor for the last two years.


We have three stunning children, if I may say so myself. Cadance is 7. Noah is 5 and Aletheia is 3. We homeschool, which could be a whole other blog in itself.

Cadance Layne is our firstborn. She is headstrong and a leader. She dances constantly! She is very creative and loves clothes.

Noah David is our boy. He loves school and games. He is very athletic although he has not once played organized sports. He likes to work and accomplish things which is coupled with a servants heart.

Aletheia Grace is our comic relief. As the baby, she really does get away with a lot, I’ll admit it. But she’s so stinkin’ funny. She is full of joy and pure silliness.

That’s our family.

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