What every missionary wants you to know but doesn’t want to tell you

This week I (Jerilyn) had the incredible opportunity to go to a women’s retreat here in Jinja. It was specially designed for the missionary women in Uganda. A team from Kirbywoods Baptist Church in Tennessee has spent a year prayerfully planning this event and, let me tell you, their efforts were not wasted.

I sat in a room of 50 ladies. The stories were incredible! Some had recently lost loved ones. Some had adoptions denied after years of caring for the child in their home. Some were kicked out of their host country for being Christian. Some were struggling to learn a new culture as they are fresh to the field here in Uganda. Some women were leaving their ministry post of 15 years after a job well done while others were healing from many years of opposition. There were missionaries who were ready to be on the next flight out and missionaries who have been faithfully serving for over 20 years and still know this is where they belong.

These are our superheros- our missionaries. These are also real people with real problems. Spiritual warfare is undeniable. The fight is written on every line of these womens’ faces. Some have learned to “laugh at days to come.” Others are struggling just to keep their head above water. 

Our missionary families need our prayers and encouragement! Please don’t forget them. They need people who really care about what is going on in their lives, not just the statistics of their ministries.  They need people who won’t judge them but know them for who they are and chose to love them anyway. Isn’t that what we all need. They need people who love their children unconditionally. After only two months, I can see that raising multicultural children is a HUGE challenge.

I am so encouraged and enlightened by what I experienced.  I am seeing clearly the need for consistent, fervent support of all kinds, including notes, gifts from “home”, etc.  But what they need most is prayer!

Who do you know serving in vocational ministry? Please, I beg of you, lift them up today. They need it more than you will ever know! Your prayers work.  We have heard repeatedly testimonies of people who have been protected from something, only to find out later that someone was praying for them at that exact time.

Thank you for praying for our family this summer. Really. THANK YOU!

Prayer Requests:

– Pray for the BridgePoint Team as we continue to work out details for their arrival on the 10th. The team is still $1000 short for their ministry expenses. If you would like to contribute to this need you can do so online at http://www.fundly.com/walk-of-faith-to-uganda or via check to BridgePoint Church, 5796 Hillside Drive, Gloucester, Va 23061 (Uganda Trip in memo line)



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  1. geri troublefield sutton

    we do pray for you, jerilyn and family. we pray that the lord will be with you and you will hear him talk to you. we are very proud of you. love mom

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