Bringing Bible Training to the Rural East Africa.

Anthony Sebudde

Is the Financial Director for East African Outreach. His responsibilities include payroll, financial accountability, audits and organizing facilitation for Pastor Training Centers

Kasule Jacob

Is the Pastor Training Center Director. Jacob is responsible for the administration, curriculum development, and training of PTC teachers. He also teaches in each of the PTC’s

Teacher Alred

Is a retired high school English teacher. He is married with 11 children. He teaches classes in English, Swahili, Lusamia and Luo. Alfred teaches PTC’s in the Central, Eastern, and Northern parts of the country. His favorite courses to teach are Old and New Testament Survey, Biblical Methods and Rules of Interpretation, and Evangelism and Discipleship. Alfred says that he sees that God has enabled people who misinterpreted the Bible to understand it better. False teachers are on the rise in East Africa. Only through the real teaching of Gods Word can help them

Teacher Lazarus

was a BTCP (Bible Training Center for Pastors) graduate. He was serious about carrying on the teaching and was a natural addition to our teaching team. He teaches in the Central, and Western regions of the country. He often teaches in the Islands of Lake Victoria as well. He teaches in English, Lunjankole, Luganda and Lutoro. His favorite classes are Preaching Biblical Messages, Bible Study and Rules of Interpretation, Discipleship and African Traditional Religions. Lazarus sees that many pastors and church leaders have gone in ministry without any training. This program has helped many of them know the truth of God’s Word and how to lead their church members in the truth

Pastor Sam

Is married with 7 children. He is also the father of Jacob Kasule, our PTC Director. He teaches in English, Luo and Swahili. The classes he teaches are primarily in the Northern regions. His favorite courses are New Testament Survey, Family and Leadership. He continues teaching because he sees that church leaders do not remain the same after this teaching. They will never be tossed here and there by false doctrine or the charms of false teachers

Teacher Sam

Was a top graduate from a PTC in Iganga. He went on to complete our 2 year Bible Training Center for Pastors course. He then went on to earn his Diploma from Uganda Baptist Seminary. He went from one of our students to one of our teachers. Sam teaches primarily English and Busoga courses