So hard to recap

How do I summarize the last week and a half? How do I tell you the highlights? Which story do I pick? Everyday we are seeing God work. We are crazy busy.

Our first team is here and doing a great job. We started in the village of Nzigu doing a two day Vacation Bible School and Women’s Conference. On the first day of the conference, we asked the women to share testimonies of the Lords’ work in their lives. I can sit here and share several testimonies, but you probably won’t read the blog anymore if I write too much 🙂 On the other hand I am almost due for two weeks worth of blog posts, so here it comes. One woman stood with great excitement as she shared that her husband once tried to kill her. She was a Muslim and when she accepted Christ, her husband decided that he was going to kill her with his machete. He went to the watering hole to sharpen his machete and called her to join him. There he asked her to renounce her faith in Christ or he would kill her. She refused to deny her new found faith! She said that he stood there for ten minutes and started crying. Her husband dropped the machete and wanted to know more about this Christ she now loved. He became a believer. These women’s faith in the midst of struggle is incredible.

The next day, we attended one of East Africa Outreach’s Bible School Graduation in Bukanga. This class is the largest to this date, with 29 graduates. It was an all day affair, full of speeches and testimonies of the power of God’s Word in the lives of these Pastor’s and church leaders. It was incredible. Here in Uganda, a majority of people are not educated even to the high school level. Many Pastor’s do not even own their own copy of the Bible. They will simply repeat teachings they hear on the radio. Unfortunately, these radio teachings are based on visions and dreams, not on the Word of God. One Pastor confessed before the crowd that “Before this Bible School, I was a false teacher. Now, I teach the truth.” How amazing.

As we left the Bible School, our bus blew a tire. We were close to an hour away from Jinja, where we are staying. Half of our team went and shucked beans for an elderly lady with cataracts and the other half went and shared Christ with another family. Three people accepted Christ. God used a possibly frustrating experience for good. He’s good at that.

Some of the children Cadance was sharing the gospel with and her interpreter
Some of the children Cadance was sharing the gospel with and her interpreter

We spent two more days in a village named Kabizzi (small pig) sharing the gospel and teaching at a women’s conference. Cadance went out with part of the team and while the older girls were sharing Christ, she shared Christ with some of the children. Five children accepted Christ!!!!! That evening she shared with me, “Mom, I didn’t even want to go this morning, but I went, and God used me!” I am so proud of her. She has gone out everyday with the team and although there have been adjustments that we have needed to make, she has done awesome! The team noted, that you would never know that this is their first time in Uganda.

There are so many stories. So many ways we are seeing God move and work here in Uganda. Even as I sit here today God is moving. I stayed home from going out to do evangelism. The fishing village the team is working with is very far away and I thought it would be good to give the children a day off. But as I thought I was taking today off from “ministry”, God brought a young woman to me at the house. She is from England but here working and she just needed someone to talk to. Pray for my new friend as we begin meeting weekly. Pray that the Lord would open her eyes to the truth of God’s Word and would guide her.

Lastly, I want to upload lots of picture, but it still proves difficult to do through the blog. However, I am uploading them via facebook. If you have not done so yet, please friend me on Facebook (Jerilyn White)  if you would like to see pictures, and have more frequent updates.

Prayer Requests:

Praise- the missionary from the islands that I asked you to pray for, received his passport with all necessary documents in tact.

Praise- the team has had a wonderful experience. They are ending up their time of ministry this weekend and fly out Sunday. Pray that they would finish strong and that they would have safe travels home. Pray for their transition back into American culture.

Prayer for My new friend from England.

Prayer for us as we continue to “do life” here. Pray that God would make it very clear to us if our time here is just for the summer or if it is to be long term.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Thank you for walking this journey with us. Thank you for praying for us! Thank you for partnering with us!




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  1. geri troublefield sutton

    yaah, cady ! I am so proud of you for talking to the kids about jesus. you make meme very happy.. I love you.

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