Salvation has come to your house today.

The last two weeks have been incredible. The team from BridgePoint has been here with us. It has been wonderful to have some friends from home to share our experiences with. 

We spent our first two days in Busagazi, a fishing village on the shores of Lake Victoria. We sent another team there earlier this summer and were met with open arms. Many were saved in July as a result of that team. In fact, the pastor told us that his services jumped from 25 to 75 consistently since July. A man donated a plot of land for them to build a permanent structure for this church to continue meeting. During our visit with the BridgePoint team, we had the pleasure to encourage some of those new believers as well as share with many more. It’s almost hard to describe to you the response to the gospel, but in every house either someone was recently saved or someone accepted Christ on our visit. It’s incredible. Their is a great need for another church in the community on the other side of a mountain. 

Often when we are out sharing during the day, we meet the women of the homes. They accept Christ, but the husbands are out at work. As our team split in Busagazi, I encountered many women who were recently saved who desired for their husbands to be saved. I spent time encouraging them and praying with them only to find out that Russell and Rita West were sharing with many of those husbands on the other side of the village at that very time. Isn’t God good! Many of these man also got saved. 

We spent a few days this trip in Ngizu with Omega Baptist Church, encouraging them and sharing testimonies with each other. This was a truly encouraging trip as we recalled the faithfulness of God in our lives.

We spend one day loving on some children at an HIV/Aids oprhanage. This was a special ministry, they strive to make it a home for each child, not an institution. They care for 61 children and they are all doing very well health wise, spiritually and educationally. 

The next week we spent three days training teenagers in Evangelism in Bukanga. We had close to 100 students with us. The second day they learned how to share their testimony and practiced sharing with each other. As they broke up into groups to share their testimony, two people attending the conference got saved as a result of hearing the testimonies. One of those was in my group. A man named Moses said, ” I know the gospel, but I used to have negative feelings about “born agains. After hearing all the testimonies, I don’t know why I had those feelings. There is nothing keeping me from accepting the gospel now.”

We also taught the youth how to share the gospel, gave them Scripture to memorize and then on Wednesday sent them out to do evangelism.  There were close to 50 decisions that were reported that day. Students were excited and confident in sharing what the Lord has done in their life. 

The stories of God’s conviction and work in these lives is incredible. Brian went out with one group and as they approached the boda (motorcycle taxi) station, he took the lead in the conversation with these guys, as often they can be kind of gruff. After joking with them for a few minutes about who is the best driver, he shared the gospel. Two of the drivers were already believers, but the rest of the men all accepted Christ. 

Today and tomorrow we are in Makukuba. Today we visited the homes of the students in the primary school of Makukuba. We encouraged them in their studies as well as gave gospel presentations. Tomorrow we will be sharing with people who have dropped out of school. Many of the girls who drop out of school either end up in prostitution or having children at very young ages. 

After our day of ministry we will head to the airport for our long trip back. Please pray for us as we return home after three months of a different culture, different living situation and all of the different things we have experienced. Our flight leaves at 1:10 am, which should be really fun with three small children, so I ask for your prayers for that as well.

We can’t wait to visit with all of you and tell you many more stories about the ways we have seen God work this trip. Thank you for your support! 

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  1. yvonne dodson

    So thankful for your obedience and your willingness to serve. Will be praying for a safe and blessed trip home with lots of memories to ponder on as you travel back home praying for the kids as well! Love you all!

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