Total Transparency

In order for us to make this trip and to follow what we wholeheartedly believe the Lord is asking us to do, we need to raise a lot of money.…

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Living Water


 The children’s ministry of BridgePoint Church raised $700 towards funding a well in Uganda. We were so excited to be able to give that money towards this well in Makukuba that was dedicated just a few days ago. This community is going to be forever changed because of the presence of a clean and safe water source.

“In developing countries, about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.” – (more…)

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MAKUKUBA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT  started in mid June of 2010. Nabbaale Sub County is located in Mukono district, central Uganda. This community was very much affected by the 1980 to 1986 liberation war. Many lives were lost to this war and many orphaned children and widows were forced to join the armed struggle. CSU (Child Safe Uganda) conducted a community assessment in 2010. The following needs were revealed.


• The School dropout rate (primary and secondary levels) is 86%

• The nearest health center and school are five miles away from the community.

• Main source of income is subsistence agriculture Estimated monthly income per house is between $2-40

• 80% of the community men believe that they are not supposed to get involved in home chores or childcare. In other words, have no role in the home. 

• Over 45% of the men have more than one spouse.

• Nearly 60% of community members see malaria as the greatest sickness; HIV/AIDS and stomach problems rank the second at 26%

• 60% of community members believe that the cause of their sickness is based on lack of knowledge.

• Over 80% get healthcare from village shops in the community (shops are mostly managed by school drop-outs).

• Nearly 70% get water from ponds and unprotected wells yet only 9% treat drinking water. (more…)

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How We Got Here

In the recent months the Lord has moved in our hearts to return to Uganda for an extended amount of time. This desire began many years ago, but in recent months has really come to head. I wanted to take a few minutes to share with you our story of God’s movement to make clear to us the path we should take.

In December of 2013, I (Jerilyn) was having a night out with a friend. As we talked about Uganda, I shared with her my personal desire to go over for an extended amount of time with the children. Her reply was, “Why don’t you do it?” My obvious answer was, “Because we have a job and a mortgage.” But she went on to question my belief about the Lord’s power. If God put this in our hearts and if He wanted us to go, could He not take care of all of those things? It was a moment of truth for me, do I really believe God can move mountains? It was also a breath of hope that maybe one day God could bring this dream to pass.  (more…)

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Support Us

Primarily, and most importantly,  we ask for Prayer Support. We  know that we can do nothing apart from Him, but in Christ we can bear much fruit.  We know that…

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Who are we?

We are simply followers of Christ.

Brian and Jerilyn met at Seaford Baptist Church through the youth ministry. Years later, we worked together in that same ministry and were married. We have been married for going on 11 years.

Brian has a Biblical Counseling Degree from Southeaster Seminary in Wake Forest, NC. Jerilyn has a BA in Biblical Studies from Southeastern College in Wake Forest.

We served in Youth Ministry for 7 happy years. It was over that time that we started traveling to Uganda. The Lord used those trips to begin to change our hearts and awaken something within us. In 2010, we knew the Lord was moving us but we were unsure where. Everything seemed to be pointing us to Uganda, and despite our love for the people and the ministry there, we did not have peace about it. (more…)

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East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach Mission Statement We have been called by Christ to take His message to the nations of East Africa. We have a three-fold purpose in our ministry. First of…

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