A Typical Day of A Bible School Teacher

It was the wee hour of the morning when I woke up. Without light in the room and power on both my devices, it was left for nature to wake the son of my father up.

The light rays beaming through the window cracks and an uncovered section of the accidental vent sent me rushing out of my bed like a man whose long awaited appointment with the president had been approved. Of course in my case, I talk with the King of kings and LORD of lords on a daily basis. To satisfy your curiosity, am a servant in His vineyard.
Getting back to the point, I rushed out of my bed and headed for the bathroom, only to find a queue of people waiting for their turn to try and beautify this earthly tabernacle by washing off some dirt. 

Patient like an expecting woman I waited for my turn, and although it felt longer than 9 months my turn came and I couldn’t wait to get out fresh and clean.

Dressing like an old boy preacher I hurried to grab a boda/motocycle to take me to meet my eager class, this is when the real adventure began. I grabbed a two wheel cab (motorcycle) and told the rider to hurry, and my hired chauffeur for the moment decided to take a detour with the claim that it is shorter to my destination, and there is less traffic. To this I reluctantly obliged although there was an internal hesitation.
When we had had a ride for over thirty minutes passing behind the backyards of uncountable huts through the supposed shortcut, my chauffeur stopped turned to the back to look at me and said, “this road is impassable, we need to go back.” To this I asked, “are we lost?” In fear he responded, “yes sir, we are lost.” We again spent another thirty minutes plus in riding back to the centre, and when we arrived, he put me on another Boda, and took off by the wind. I was back to where my journey had begun over an hour before.

As a known teacher of the Word in this Moslem dominated territory, I was doing my best to maintain my witness by putting a smile on my face and staying calm but truth be told, I was grumbling from inside over the wasted time and the stress I went through on roads similar to ridding on a sweet potato garden. 
Without hesitation, my newly appointed chauffeur kick started the motorcycle and off we went. Just when we had gone about five minutes into our journey we were met by several riders of the same going at the speed of light in our direction; one of them slowed down and told us about the traffic police officers who were apprehending every motorcycle and their riders without a helmet.
This new development sent my chauffeur on another “path of safety”, we branched off to the jungle and followed a small path that had no print except for man and animals. Its almost like I was gone hunting, except the fact that i did not have a bow and arrow, or a riffle. We were on this foot track for over thirty minutes before hitting the main road. When we did, I realized we were on our way to Moyo. Although we were far off from my destination, it felt nice being back on the main road without leaves slapping my face or the thorn bushes scratching my leg.
Unfortunately, though, this sweet but dusty road was short-lived, because just after a few kilometres’ ride towards Yumbe town, another cyclist stopped to tell us that the traffic police were a head of us. On hearing this, my immediate thought was, “not again”, and yes, again we took off to the jungle.
My desire by this time was to just get to my destination. I had ceased making glances at the watch on my wrist. After what seemed like ages passing through the jungle, we made it to the main road again only to land in the hands of the offices we had tried to dodge for hours. It is my position as a servant in the vineyard of the KING that gave us favour before the officers. They just laughed at us and allowed us to proceed.
We finally made it to the Bidibidi Transit center, and I took the third boda to ride me to zone one, block one where our training facilities are based. I arrived too exhausted, looking like I showered with brown soil and very late. A glance at the eager students looking helpless like Sheep without a shepherd made me forget my tiredness and how i was looking, and i jumped straight to teaching. God was glorified even in the midst of these struggles of getting to where He had sent me to feed His flock.

This is just part of what we go through in the field as we minister to God’s people.
In His Vineyard

Kasule Jacob.

Servus Servorum Dei

Reaching the unreached world for Christ.


Child Sponsorship Program Partners With UWEPO Tree Farm and Nursery

Last week I posted this video to our sponsorship partners. But I have to share it with you as well!

I am beyond excited to inform you that the child sponsorship program at Hannah Moshi is going to partner with UWEPO tree farm and nursery. In fact, I am so excited about it…. typing just wouldn’t do. Here’s to my first video blog.


If you are interested in contributing to your child, or another child’s trees give online at under child sponsorship.



Wednesday is the day that I amto pray for you: our supporters, our team, our cheerleaders, our prayer warriors, our friends and family!

As I open my prayer notebook to today’s section it starts with these two verses:

1 Thessalonians 1:2-3 We always thank God for you and continually mention you in our prayers. We remember before our God and Father your work produced by faith, your labor prompted by love, your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Philippians 1:3-5 I thank God everytime I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now, being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.


Today I am overwhelmed with God’s faithfulness and your partnership. Thank you!

There are so many daily movements of God that occur because of your support that you never hear about. I wanted to share just a few of them with you this morning.

– Last year one of our friends accepted Christ. Now he is discipline another young boy on Saturday mornings. Both of them come and work in the yard to earn school fees. They are learning skills, earning fees, and growing in Christ.

– Monday through Wednesday there is a two year Bible Training Class meeting at the church. We have 18 students who are committed to learning the Scriptures. Mathias, our day guard is one of these students.

– For two years we have opened our compound to the neighborhood children who are mostly Muslim. They come and ride bikes, color and play. We have bandaged many wounds, fed many hungry stomachs, shared Bible stories, and invited them to church. For the last two weeks….. they have ALL COME TO CHURCH WITH US! Now they are the ones asking if we can read the Bible before they play.

– We have 51 children at Hannah Moshi who are getting regular meals, medical care, discipleship and Christian Education because of individual sponsorship. We are about to partner with an organization that will teach the caregivers to plant trees for future income to provide for these orphans.

– Meanwhile there are 7 Biblical Training Schools happening in villages across the country taught by our Ugandan teachers.

– Personally, we are seeing our children grow in their walks with the Lord. They are challenged by the stresses of living in a place they are not used to. But I see them turning to Jesus with their needs.

– Cadance, our oldest is going to begin going to a missionary school in September. She is extremely excited. It has given her hope and something to look forward to. Her class is small and she will be able to receive some individual help from a licensed teacher. We are hoping this will help meet some of the education gaps we have been facing. We are praising God for this school and the opportunity for her to attend.

– The most recent excitement has been the construction in BidiBidi Regifee camp.  The dorm, toilets, shower stall, kitchen are all complete. This week we received word that the Church building/classroom/ women’s dorm is also complete! Classes are scheduled to begin the first week of August!


Thank you for being our partner in ministry to Eadt Africa! We are humbled and blessed to be a part of all this.





Today we met with one of our Bible School teachers. He told us of an incredible testimony that I had to share with you! 

One of the students finishing up at Kitgum is blind. He lost his sight in high school. He walks every day to class 6 miles. That’s 60 miles a week! He even arrives first for class! 

He works hard to come and study God’s Word. How often do I complain that I am too tired, too busy or it’s too hard to study God’s Word?

I asked how does he read the Bible? How does he prepare to preach? The teachers only response was that he has God’s Word memorized! Oh, that I would do the same! 

This blind man is one of the best students in this class. What a picture of determination to study, know and apply God’s Word despite obstacles. We too often spend our time seeking lesser things. He was a great inspiration to me today. I pray he will be a great inspiration to you as well.



” From the beginning of Christianity, the natural flow of being a disciple of Jesus has always been to make disciples of Jesus. “Follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19). This was a promise.  Jesus would take His disciples and turn them into disciple makers. And this was a command: He called each of His disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them and teaching themto obey   Him. (Matt. 28:19-20). From the start God’s design has been for every single disciple of Jesus to make disciples who make disciples who make disciples until the gospel spreads to all peoples” -David Platt, foreword to Multiply


This picture defines multiplication to me. 

This is Sam. Sam graduated from one of our village Bible Schools. Brian taught alongside Andrew Muwanguzi in the school Sam attended. Sam is now receiving further training through our BTCP class and is training to teach in our Bible Schools.

Andrew is also one of our Bible School teachers. East Africa Outreach has been investing in Andrew for years, helping him further his education and training. 

So here we are joining these two men in a ministry opportunity they have initiated in their own to continue to encourage and strengthen these pastors who have graduated from the program. These pastors are in turn inviting their church leaders and fellow pastors to come along and join the fellowship.

Multiplication!  We have found it a great investment to teach, train, and disciple pastors and church leaders. Reaching one who reaches many is the strategy of the Bible Schools, but how encouraging it was to see it play out today.


We are planning on returning back to the states in the fall for a few months. We hope to get around to all of our support churches. If you would like to schedule a speaking engagement to hear more about what God is doing in Uganda please email us at


Finish the year by starting strong

Thank you for making 2015 one of the most incredible years of our lives. Thank you for partnering with us to bring Biblical Truth to East Africa.

Yes, we primarily serve in Uganda. Being here for six months has shown us, however, that this town is a strategic spot for reaching all of East Africa. Jinja is a melting pot of East Africa. If we can reach them and train them before they return to their home, they can bring the gospel to places we would never be welcomed.

Would you consider helping us start off 2016 strong with a end of the year gift?

Here are some needs we see for the upcoming year:

  1. New roof for Acacia Community Church, about $1,000
  2. BTCP Class funding, Biblical Training Evening Course for those who work during the day in Jinja. Each student pays a small amount for their book, but there are other financial obligations to keep the class running.
  3. New Classroom for Acacia Community Church’s Children’s program.

Thank you for giving towards our general fund! If you feel led to give to any of the above items, we say thank you in advance.

To donate, click here.


50 Children in 50 Days!

Four years ago we set under a stick structure with a tattered tarp roof and heard Pastor Robert share his heart to reach his Muslim Community. The hill where the small school/church met was once the place where the Muslims of that area beat and killed people for breaking the Muslim laws. Pastor Robert knew that the Lord wanted to use that hill to be a place of new life in Him, not a place of death.


His vision was to open a much needed school, where he would teach the children the Gospel, with hopes that in the future there would be a church. Within one year some of the families were begging Pastor Robert to open a church on the school property so that the children could hear him preach.

God has done some incredible things in Nzigu!  East Africa Outreach and Macedonian call have walked along side them to build classrooms, purchase the land, and build a church structure.

Now there are over 200 children attending the school. Unfortunately about 50 of them are completely unable to pay their school fees. Most of these children are orphans, taken in by distant relatives or other families. These children have no way of paying for their education. The goal of the school is not only to give them an excellent education, but to point these children to Jesus. With that in mind, the school doesn’t want the children to stop coming to classes.

Having 50 children who can not pay for school has created some financial strains in the school. It has made it difficult to pay good teachers, to provide lunches and even to get the basic materials for the classrooms.

That’s why we have begun a child sponsorship program! The children are on their long break from school and will return in February. Our prayer is that when they return, we will be able to announce to these 50 children that they can continue to attend school and that their fees are paid for.

You can be a part!

For $25 a month you can give a child not only an education, but point them to Christ.

$25 includes their school fees, uniforms, lunches on school days as well as materials for a discipleship program on Saturday mornings.

You can communicate with your child via email or postal mail.

Sign up today to begin a life changing relationship with one of the children from Hannah Moshi.