In 2015, Pew Research did a study that concluded that by 2050, nearly 40% of the worlds Christian’s will reside in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Kevin Rogers, addressing this research, notes, ” Although African’s embody many of the necessary qualities to lead the next wave of missions’ advance, I wonder if they are theologically equipped to complete the task. This is not paternalism on my part, but it is necessary to ask, “Can they go into all the world?” and if they go, “What gospel will they export?” The window of opportunity is temporary, and the African Church needs to be mobilized now. Perhaps the greatest gifts we in the West can give to them and in turn give the kingdom, are the gifts of mobilization and theological education” and “Africa may be the next mission epicenter”
2 Timothy 2:1 You then my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to reliable men who will be qualified to teach others.

The Pastor Training Centers meet this need by providing an extensive Biblical and Church Leadership Education to village Pastors and Church Leaders. We bring the training to those who normally would not qualify for further education and often don’t have the financial means to pursue it. There are an average of 14 different Pastor Training Center locations each year in every corner of the nation.

This program is one year long. Students come together for one week a month to study. The class is completely free to each student. The funds raised for each Pastor Training Center covers the teacher’s salary, lodging, and transportation. It also provides a chalkboard for each classroom, contribution towards graduation and a Study Bible for each graduate.

Pastor Training Center Curriculum

TERM ONE (33 LH = 11 CH)
New Testament Survey 1 (Gospel)
The Pastor 1 (Call, qualifications and responsibilities)
Doctrine 1 (Bibliology)
The Bible and Family 1
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation I

TERM TWO (33 LH = 11 CH)
New Testament II (Acts of The Apostles)
The Pastor II (False and True Pastor)
Doctrine II (Theology Proper)
The Bible and Family II
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation II

TERM THREE (33 LH = 11 CH)
New Testament Survey III (Pauline Epistle)
Doctrine III (Christology)
Sunday School Organization (History & Theory)
How to Teach

TERM FOUR (33 LH = 11CH)
New Testament IV (General Epistles)
Doctrine IV (Pneumatology)

TERM FIVE (33 LH = 11CH)
Old Testament I (Pentateuch)
Doctrine V (Angels, Satan & Demons)
Church History I (Early Church & Reformation)
Sermon Preparation

TERM SIX (33 LH = 11 CH)
Old Testament II (Historical Books)
Doctrine VI (Anthropology & Harmatiology)
Church History II (East African Church History)
Sermon Delivery

Old Testament III (Poetry and Wisdom)
Doctrine VII (Soteriology)
African Traditional Religion
(ATR)Christian Leadership Skills

Doctrine VIII (Ecclesiology) )
Old Testament IV (Prophets)
Church Planting
Christian Cults (Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, & SDA)

TERM NINE (33 LH = 11CH)
Doctrine IX (Revelation & Eschatology)
Pastoral Counseling
Praise & Worship

Trauma Healing Training & Practicum
Old Testament Survey (Comp)
New Testament Survey (Comp)
Doctrine Survey (Comp)
Church History (Comp)
Pastor & Leadership (Comp)