Pastor Training Centers

Taking Biblical Training to the Pastors and People of East Africa

Pastor Training Centers

Taking Biblical Training to the Pastors and People of East Africa

The Pastor Training Center program helps to meet a massive need facing the African Church: Biblically faithful pastoral education for pastors who either don’t meet the educational standards of or don’t otherwise have access to such training offered by the few seminaries of East Africa. These pastors desperately need training. Our goal is to get it to them where they are. The church of Africa is growing in numbers but it is struggling to be healthy because of rampant ignorance of how to accurately interpret Scripture and, therefore, live in faithful obedience to it. Without understanding His Word the true gospel of Jesus is hidden.


In 2015, Pew Research did a study that concluded that by 2050, nearly 40% of the world’s Christians will reside in Sub-Saharan Africa. Kevin Rogers, addressing this research, notes,”Although Africans embody many of the necessary qualities to lead the next wave of missions’ advance, I wonder if they are theologically equipped to complete the task. This is not paternalism on my part, but it is necessary to ask, “Can they go into all the world?” and if they go, “What gospel will they export?” The window of opportunity is temporary, and the African Church needs to be mobilized now. Perhaps the greatest gifts we in the West can give to them and in turn give the kingdom, are the gifts of mobilization and theological education”. and report: “Africa may be the next mission epicenter” This means that in 50 years it is highly likely that there will be missionaries FROM Africa going throughout the world sharing the Gospel.

We want to help lay a good foundation for those missionaries now.

2 Timothy 2:2 “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses, entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” This is our goal.

In our Pastor Training Centers, students spend 300 classroom hours on the following courses:

New Testament Survey 1 (Gospel)
The Pastor 1 (Call, qualifications and responsibilities)
Doctrine 1 (Bibliology)
The Bible and Family 1
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation I

New Testament II (Acts of The Apostles)
The Pastor II (False and True Pastor)
Doctrine II (Theology Proper)
The Bible and Family II
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation II

New Testament Survey III (Pauline Epistle)
Doctrine III (Christology)
Sunday School Organization (History & Theory)
How to Teach

New Testament IV (General Epistles)
Doctrine IV (Pneumatology)

Old Testament I (Pentateuch)
Doctrine V (Angels, Satan & Demons)
Church History I (Early Church & Reformation)
Sermon Preparation

Church History II (East African Church History)
Sermon Delivery

Old Testament II (Historical Books)
Doctrine VI (Anthropology & Harmatiology)

Old Testament III (Poetry and Wisdom)
Doctrine VII (Soteriology)
African Traditional Religion
(ATR)Christian Leadership Skills

Doctrine VIII (Ecclesiology) )
Old Testament IV (Prophets)
Church Planting
Christian Cults (Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, & SDA)

Doctrine IX (Revelation & Eschatology)
Pastoral Counseling
Praise & Worship

Trauma Healing Training & Practicum
Old Testament Survey (Comp)
New Testament Survey (Comp)
Doctrine Survey (Comp)
Church History (Comp)
Pastor & Leadership (Comp)

Meet Our Staff

Jacob KasulePastor Training Center Director
Is the Pastor Training Center Director. Jacob is responsible for the administration, curriculum development, and training of PTC teachers. He oversees each PTC from Introductory Conference to Graduation.
Anthony SebuddeFinancial Director
Is the Financial Director for East African Outreach. His responsibilities include payroll, financial accountability, audits and organizing support for Pastor Training Centers.
Brian WhiteCountry Director of East African Outreach
Brian’s responsibilities include maintaining vision, leadership and accountability for the programs and staff of East African Outreach. Brian is also tasked with maintaining relationships with both the pastors we serve and the support team in America. Brian graduated with a Masters in Biblical Counseling from Southeastern Seminary. Brian is married to Jerilyn and they have three children
Jeriyn WhiteCommunications & Child Scholarship
Jerilyn White serves in the areas of communications and child scholarship. She is married to Brian White, country director and together they have three children; Cadance, Noah and Aletheia.
Sam DkochenTeacher
Pastor Sam is married with 7 children. He is also the father of Jacob Kasule, our PTC Director. He teaches in English, Luo and Swahili. The classes he teaches are primarily in the Northern region. His favorite courses are New Testament Survey, and Marriage and Family Leadership. He continues teaching because he sees that church leaders do not remain the same after this teaching. They will never be tossed here and there by false doctrine or the charm of false teachers.
Lazarus MatovuTeacher
A BTCP graduate, he is serious about carrying on the teaching and was a natural addition to our teaching team. He teaches in the Central, and Western regions of the country. He often teaches on the Islands of Lake Victoria as well. He teaches in English, Lunjankole, Luganda and Lutoro. His favorite classes are Preaching Biblical Messages, Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation, Discipleship and African Traditional Religions. Lazarus sees that many pastors and church leaders have gone into ministry without any training.
Alfred WangalwaTeacher
Teacher Alfred is a retired high school English teacher. He is married with 11 children. He teaches classes in English, Swahili, Lusamia and Luo. Alfred teaches PTC’s in the Eastern part of the country. Only through the real teaching of God’s Word can we truly help them change.
Sam KitibwaTeacher
Sam is a graduate of one of our PTCs from 2013. Eager to continue growing in the truth, he completed our next level course called BTCP 2 years later. He then went on to earn his Diploma from Uganda Baptist Seminary. He is our first teacher to work his way from student in a PTC to Teacher! Sam teaches in English, Luganda and Lusoga. He primarily teaches in the Central and Eastern Regions of Uganda.
Daniel IsabiryeTeacher
Daniel is our longest tenured teacher. He began teaching alongside our founder, Terry Nester, back in 2008, when we began the PTC program. He now works only part time with EAO and teaches primarily in the Central and Eastern Regions. He teaches in Luganda, Lusoga and English. Daniel is married and has two children.
James SenyonjjoTeacher
James is our newest teacher. He is married and has three children. He began his work with EAO as an interpreter for pastors conferences back in the early days. He teaches primarily in the Central and Eastern Regions of Uganda and is continuing his education at Uganda Baptist Seminary. He teaches in Lusoga, Luganda, Ateso, and English.

Reaching East Africa
Through Radio

About 30 million people in Uganda and Kenya now have the opportunity to hear the truth of God’s Word and respond to the Gospel at least once per month through our radio teaching.

After one of our radio programs, one of the area false preachers called our teacher. He said, “How do you expect for me to make a living if you are teaching them the gospel? How will I put food on my table? I will have to come to your house to eat.” Wow! Not only does he recognize that what he is teaching is false, but that he has been using the Bible to manipulate people to give him money.


I have never heard God’s Word taught like this. I have never heard someone teach through each verse.

Radio Teaching Listener

There is no greater way for us to reach East Africa.  If we train a pastor, he can guide many. When pastor’s begin living and teaching the truth, communities change. Families are reunited, people start taking care of each other, tribes stop fighting. All because of knowing and believing the Word of God.

Jacob Kasule, PTC Director

I never knew what this Bible said. Now I understand. I was blind, but now I see. It’s like I was given a new Bible, but it was there all along.

Pastor Training Center Graduate