Only God can change a heart

I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you;

I will remove from you your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.

Ezekial 36:26

Easter weekend we visited friends at an Easter play. One of our friends asked Cadance, our oldest, if she was excited about our trip to Uganda. Her resounding answer, with rolling eyes and all was, “No, they didn’t even ask me if I wanted to go!” A little later, I heard about this conversation and I embarrassingly tried to explain it away, but that conversation gave me a real glimpse into her heart.

We have had countless conversations with the children about the trip. We have tried to “prime” them as much as possible. We prayed with the kids when we were seeking the Lord about this decision. Now that we are moving forward our oldest kids go back and forth between being angry, sad about spending so much time away from their grandparents, fearful of the unknown and the ocasional seasoning of excitement. Aletheia, our preschool adventure seeker,  on the other hand tells me every morning, “I want to go to Uganda.”

We have tried to explain to them that we are following the Lord. That we feel very clearly that this is what God is asking us to do. We have told them of the amazing ways God is providing for us. We have told them stories about the people we will see and the adventures they could have. We have talked about Scripture that tells us to go and share the gospel. Nothing seemed to work at least with any lasting results.

I saw a glimmer of hope in Cadance when I told her that this summer she was going to lead someone to the Lord. It was a completely new revelation to her that God could use her! We came up with all kinds of plans of things that she could do with the village children. Only to be back at square one days later.

I shared this struggle with a dear friend and immediately we prayed for the children. We prayed that God would change their hearts and give them a vision for what God was asking us to do there. I left her house with a copy of “Kisses from Katie.” A beautiful book that paints a picture of Uganda in a way that my words could never express. Katie Davis has such a love for the people of Uganda and I feel like her story echos my heart. I knew that I needed to read it to the children. Katie also attends Acacia Community Church, which is the church we will be working with while in Uganda. The stories of the girls in this book are the girls that my children will be going to children’s church with each week.

After two days, three chapters and a box of kleenex, my children were begging for another chapter. Cadance asked if she could draw while I read. She said she could picture in her mind the stories that we were reading and she wanted to draw a picture of them. This is the picture she drew.


When I finished reading, she asked if we could go outside and talk. The first thing that came out of Cadance’s mouth is “Mom I want to go now. I get it.” Of course I cried! We have seen a change of heart in her. Noah… well he still has bouts of fear.

We tried all we could, but only God can change a heart.

Please continue to pray for our children. Pray that God would give them a vision for what He wants to do through them. Pray that they would trust God with their fears. Pray that we would see our children’s needs and their hearts and have wisdom on how to lovingly lead them. Pray for our transition to another time zone, another house, a new schedule and a new culture.

UPDATES: We are purchasing our tickets this week!!! We still need funding for our expenses while in Uganda (room, board and travel)  as well as our expenses in America (mortgage and insurance)

If you would like to support our trip to Uganda, you can do so via check through BridgePoint Church 5796 Hillside Drive, Gloucester Va 23061 Memo: White family Uganda or online here.



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