Muzungu = White Wanderers

In Uganda the word “Muzungu,” loosely means white wanderer. The beautiful children will yell out “Muzungu, Muzungu” as they see the white people coming down the road. It is a cry of excitement and joy from those children and a great picture of the openness of the Ugandan people to visitors.  There is also an openness to the gospel right now in Uganda that is thrilling.

We saw that 5 years ago when Brian made his first trip to Uganda. Hundreds of people were saved. These people who have so little, by American Standards, have so much by other standards. They have a joy that was unmatched. There is an incredible generous spirit, despite their lack of “things.”  They are hospitable in a way that would put “Southern Living” to shame.  We saw their hearts and we fell in love.

On our last visit in 2013, we spent some time in a village named Makukuba. This village, although just about 20 miles outside of the capital of Uganda, was primitive to say the least. The dirt road coming up to the village stops and you must leave your car and travel the rest by foot. There is only one school that goes up to what we know as first grade. There is no church. And the most troubling thing we encountered was the lack of clean water.


Our church, BridgePoint made the commitment to invest in this community. Our children’s ministry raised $700 which was matched to go towards a well, which will be built this April in Makukuba. BridgePoint is also sending another team there this year. With a heart to be a part of this initial relationship building in Makukuba, this summer we will be returning. This summer, however,  for the first time we are bringing our entire family and staying for the entire summer.

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