MAKUKUBA COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT  started in mid June of 2010. Nabbaale Sub County is located in Mukono district, central Uganda. This community was very much affected by the 1980 to 1986 liberation war. Many lives were lost to this war and many orphaned children and widows were forced to join the armed struggle. CSU (Child Safe Uganda) conducted a community assessment in 2010. The following needs were revealed.


• The School dropout rate (primary and secondary levels) is 86%

• The nearest health center and school are five miles away from the community.

• Main source of income is subsistence agriculture Estimated monthly income per house is between $2-40

• 80% of the community men believe that they are not supposed to get involved in home chores or childcare. In other words, have no role in the home. 

• Over 45% of the men have more than one spouse.

• Nearly 60% of community members see malaria as the greatest sickness; HIV/AIDS and stomach problems rank the second at 26%

• 60% of community members believe that the cause of their sickness is based on lack of knowledge.

• Over 80% get healthcare from village shops in the community (shops are mostly managed by school drop-outs).

• Nearly 70% get water from ponds and unprotected wells yet only 9% treat drinking water.

• Over 30% have no pit latrines and don’t see the importance of latrines.

• 82% don’t wash hands after toilet use.

• 85% do not believe that it’s necessary to balance their diet

• Above 50% of the women deliver babies in communities with Traditional Birth Attendants (TBA). Becoming a T.B.As depends on how many children a lady has delivered.

• Nearly 50% of community children have never had any immunization.


East African Outreach was contacted by Moses about this area and we have been trying to work on various ways to develop this community. The situation there is severe! We are planning to develop this community with clean water, a church, schools and medical care.


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  1. Yvonne and Bill Dodson

    We are praying for you and know God is talking and walking with you! We love you and Brian and your precious family. As it gets closer will you post the items you still need for the trip please. Lots of love and prayers!

    1. jerilynsemail

      Thank you so much Bill and Yvonne. We love you guys as well. Thanks for all the encouragement! And I will post needs soon. I have been trying to figure out the best way to do that. Right now we are looking for 2 mosquito nets, some cologne for a missions worker in Uganda, luggage and school supplies.

      1. Yvonne and Bill Dodson

        any type of cologne? For man or woman? I will try to find some luggage when I go to the used store if you you need large, medium or small? I was thinking about getting a small suitcase and filling it with school supplies, balloons, fingernail polish, cotton balls, wipes, etc for Cadie…(how do you spell Katie if it’s Cadence? lol Love you and praying!

  2. jerilynsemail

    Mens Cologne. We need larger suitcases or bags. We shorten Cadance’s name to Cady. 🙂 I think I will add a new post about our needs and just delete things as they are provided. Thanks again!

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