Join Our Team

Join Our Team

Every Christian is called to ministry. Every Christian is called to be on mission. We are all called to be a part of the work of God. We would love to help you be on mission. We are asking you to join us in at least one of three ways: Praying, Giving or Going.

Prayer is essential to accomplishing the mission.

To join our prayer team we encourage you to sign up for our email newsletter and connect with us on our East African Outreach Facebook page. These are the two avenues that we use the most to communicate what is happening in our ministry. Our email and other contact information is also provided if you would like to connect more personally. We LOVE connecting with ALL of our support team!

Prayer is essential to accomplishing the mission. Thank you for your commitment to pray. Please contact us to let us know you are joining our prayer team.

It is through the sacrificial financial giving of our incredible support team that we are able to continue to bring Biblical Education to East Africa.

Three categories for giving

It costs about $5000 to fully fund one Pastor Training Center. This provides the equivalent of a Bible college certificate for 20 pastors and church leaders. Our goal is to complete 12 Pastor Training Centers per year across Uganda.

We have partnered with Hanna Moshi Christian Primary School to provide financial scholarships to children in difficult family and economic situations. Many of these children have lost one or both parents. To find out more, see our Child Scholarship Page.

Brian White has been the Country Director of EAO-MCI since 2018. He and his family have lived in Uganda since 2015. They do not receive a salary from EAO-MCI but live on funding supplied by their brothers and sisters in Christ in the United States, both individually and through their churches.


We LOVE when people come to serve alongside of us. We (Brian and Jerilyn White) fell in love with Uganda and this ministry on a short term team. We truly believe there is no better way to catch the vision for what God is doing here and how you can be involved. 


Some churches or individuals can bring a small group of leaders to come and see the ministry.

The team can then report back and make a prayerful decision about how their church/organization can partner with us.


Your team can come in to a Pastor Training Center to teach the Evangelism/Discipleship Course. We will provide the curriculum and guidance for teaching. The team would teach in the morning and go out for evangelism with the students for a practicum in the afternoon.

Your team can host a retreat or training for our PTC staff.


School assemblies, home visits, training or camps are all possibilities for your team to work with our Child Scholarship Program.

Missionary Support:

There are many challenges to serving on the field. Our support team and churches can send a team to encourage the White family. These trips are such a blessing to our family in the field!

We strive to help your team fit into the current ministry that East African Outreach is engaged in.

We strive to use your teams
gifting in a way that is the best fit for you and for our needs here.

We expect each team to undergo training to be able to prepare themselves for their time here. Each team member must do the following:

1. Read our Team Field Manual (provided to team leader during planning).

2. Be prepared to share the gospel and their personal salvation testimony.

3. Undergo training through one of these suggested resources: IMB Short Term Mission Training, or To the Ends of the Earth by Jerry Rankin