Jinja at last!

Whew, what a whirlwind of a week. We arrived safely with all of our luggage. The children did amazing on the plane. I was so proud of them. Aletheia made lots of friends on the plane. Debbie Nester, our missionary host, lost her passport in London and they found it on the plane. She was able to get back on our connecting flight without any difficulties. We were so thankful. That situation could have been a mess. 

We arrived in Jinja on Wednesday afternoon. As we traveled on the roads it was hilarious to hear our children’s reactions to things. Cadance noted how, “People don’t really follow the traffic laws around here do they?” Aletheia laughed because some of the manicured trees, “..look like broccoli.” Noah started counting taxi’s but gave up around 110.

We have spent most of the last several days unpacking, getting things situated at the house, resting and visiting with people. I think the whole town of Jinja is excited that Terry and Debbie are home. There is another young lady named Tiffany who is here with us. She is working at an orphanage. I, Jerilyn, got to go with her on her first day at the orphanage. She will be volunteering there for the next six weeks. I think that I would really like to take the children, maybe even once a week to go and spend some time at the orphanage as well. Tiffany has already said that she could use Cadance to help her lead some of the activities.

One of the things that we are really seeking to do here is to engage our children in the ministry. We want to look for opportunities where they are ministering and we are here to support them. This opportunity at the orphanage may prove to be just that.

We have already seen the children engage in their own ways. There have been a lot of children coming in and out of the house. We have been so encouraged to see them share their toys, invite them to play, offer snacks and even give some of their toys away. They have truly loved having other kids around.


Today Brian met with Terry and the staff of East Africa Outreach to plan for the summer. It’s gonna be a busy one. Next week he will be teaching from the book of Mark at one of the Bible schools and the first team comes in a week. He spent the afternoon helping to set up sound at Acacia Community Church’s new building and tomorrow he will be playing drums during worship. He is really looking forward to doing that again.

Today was our 11th anniversary! We were so blessed to be able to go out to dinner at a very nice resort restaurant overlooking the Nile River and a group of very entertaining monkeys.

Prayer Requests:

– Jet Lag would wear off. This has been the worse case of jet lag any of us have experienced. Cadance is especially struggling with it. She is struggling to go to sleep and waking up several times in the middle of the night, in a new environment to new sounds, which for any 7 year old can be a frightening experience. It has also led to many good conversations about trusting God and not living in fear.

– Medical Teams- Uganda has recently changed their laws regarding medical care. This may prove to make medical missions difficult for missionary organizations. This may have major affects on EAO’s medical clinics. The team is meeting next week to discuss these new regulations and what they might mean East Africa Outreach.

– Pray for us as we start to get into the swing of things next week and start with a new schedule.

Thank you again for following us and for praying for us. Thank you for supporting us and for being a part of what God is doing here and in us! I plan on uploading some pictures on my facebook page.

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  1. geri troublefield sutton

    wish I was there with you.

  2. Carla

    Yay!! glad to hear you arrived safely!!! Hugs to all…thanks for the update!! Praying for you guys!

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