Housing and Countdown

The view from the new Bible School location in Kiyindi on Lake Victoria! Classes begin April 20th!!

There is so much to share. Things happen so fast that I can’t remember what I have shared. The house was officially on the market for one week. We had three showings and three offers. We were praying God would give us an offer on the house in one week. He gave us 3.  After much prayerful consideration we accepted one of the offers. Praise God! We are so thankful for the Lord’s kindness in providing a buyer in such short time. Now we are in the waiting stage as bank approvals, appraisals and inspections commence. Thank you for your prayers concerning the sell of our house. Our continued prayer is that these things will move quickly without any obstacles that would prolong the closing of the house. Our closing date is just a few weeks before we fly out.

Which by the way, is July 3rd! We have purchased our plane tickets. I looked at the calendar just the other day and we have just under 100 days until we leave. Do you feel the instant pressure that I felt upon that realization? There is so much to left do. We have to sort and sell the rest of our things, pack what’s left, finish the school year and BSF strong, continue to visit churches and individuals to share what God is doing, all while making the most of time with friends and family. Our plates are crazy full, but it has been a great adventure. This whole deputation (preparing to enter the mission field)  process has been full of surprises, but we wouldn’t change it for the world. In the craziness and uncertainty of life during this time, we can see God’s hand preparing us.

People often ask how the fundraising process is going. Just a year ago, Brian said, “I would hate to have to fundraise my own support.” Little did we know, we would soon be in that boat. But now, it is one of the most exciting things in our life. We know that the Lord has been equipping us and calling us to serve with East Africa Outreach in Uganda. We realize that it’s not our job to convince people to join our team. We know God is doing this and He will rise up people to make it happen. Where He calls, He provides. Therefore, we don’t feel the pressure at all to convince people, we just share what God is doing and let God put it on people’s heart to join us or not. Not everyone is going to be led to support ministry in Uganda. And we are completely at peace with that!

We are also incredibly thankful for the ones who have joined us. Just this last week our pastor preached a sermon about being “All In by Fueling the Mission.”  ( You can click the blue link to watch the sermon) The whole sermon, I was rejoicing for those who have been “All In” with us financially, prayerfully and emotionally. We are overwhelmed by the Lord’s provision thus far. We are currently at 61% of our monthly goal. Thank you for being a part of our support team. Every share of a post, prayer, note of encouragement, dollar sacrificed, is a piece of the plan that God has for the advancing of His Kingdom. Thank you!

We met with one couple who asked us for specifics of where dollar amounts go. Every dollar in our budget has a name and they wanted to know what their dollar provided. For instance they wanted to know that by their monthly donation, they could say “I’m providing for your electricity.” I love that line of thought.  In our prayers we are looking to see God provide a specific amount each month for specific things to be covered. I thought I would share some of them with you this month.

  • In March we are praying that we would have the final $800 needed for our Visas. (Start up Needs)
  • We are also praying that our monthly Health/Life Insurance needs would be covered ($500 monthly in General Fund)

Thank you so much for following, praying and giving. Can’t wait for you to come serve alongside us.

If you feel led to help provide for one of these needs you can do so ONLINE HERE. 

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