He is Home to me.

As I, Brian, was preparing to preach at BridgePoint Church this weekend.  I was reflecting over the last 6 adventurous months. I was that my home has little to do with where I sleep and everything to do with being In Christ’s Kingdom!

Here is how I got to this, just in case you were wondering:
We have been all over Uganda and Virginia with multiple stops in Pennsylvania and North Carolina in the past 22 weeks. We have lived out of suitcases in our own house as one trip butts up against the next aand the next! Seriously, we’ve spent less time in the White House than Obama has! And, for the most part, it has been great. However, there have been times when we have struggled with the constant motion. No place feels quite like home since June 3rd or so. This is not bad, just where we are. There’s a restlessness. And, most of the time, there is an underlying excitement and joy about what God is doing with us.
Still, God is choosing to remind me tonight, by bringing multiple thoughts together, that my peace doesn’t come from an earthly house (though I am thankful for it), or my country and culture of origin (though I love the USA and the places God has planted me in her over the years) or even my wonderful family (who point me to Jesus all the time through their love and grace)!
The point is this: HE IS HOME FOR ME!

Wherever He leads I’ll go. I’ll go because He promises over and over that He will never leave me and He has more than proven it during the 30 years since I met Him. Since He is everywhere, there is no place He can take me or I can run where HE ISN’T! This Earth is not my home. Not Virginia. Not Uganda. HE IS!!! I’m just walking through trying to be who He is making me to be, and trying to do what He is calling me to do. Step by awkward, secure, scary, confident step. And when I take my last step on this Earth, because of what Jesus did for me, I WILL STEP CONFIDENTLY INTO ETERNITY WITH HIM! IN HIM!!! That is the true peace that knowing Jesus gives.

And the good news is, my friends and family, there’s plenty more room in Him! So, come on in!! His arms are open wide!! He loves YOU! He made you for HIM!!

Thank you JESUS for making me, finding me and giving me a forever home in YOU!!!! Jesus, You are the dearest place on Earth to me!

Here is the sermon, by the way, if you would like to hear. 

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