God Encounters

Cadance asked us the other day, “How does God speak? How do we know that we are supposed to go to Uganda?” After trying to explain the ways we see God moving to a very black and white minded 8 year old girl, we reminded her of all of the things God did this summer. We reminded her of they way we prayed as a family many nights, the way we were all in agreement that this is what God had for us next. We recalled all of the ways God spoke to us through His Word, His provision, and the ways He used us.

Although, she remembered all of these things, she wanted to hear God speak for herself. We promised that each time we saw God do something, we would share it with her. We also started praying with and for her that God would speak to her heart and confirm to her as He has been so faithful to do for us.

Well this week she received a sweet gift of a beautiful white gown that could have been worn in a wedding. Sunday morning she wanted to wear it to church. At first I said “NO!” But after a few minutes of watching her twirl and say “But I look like an angel,” I agreed.

After church, we had to run to Walmart for a few minutes. As we were about to leave, Cadance was perusing the candy aisle. A sweet woman came over and spoke to Cady. She talked about how beautiful she looked, she looked just like an angel, how her peace on her face just made her day and she had to come over and speak to us. She said, “This is a little girl who knows her purpose. God has used you in my life today to lift my spirits.” Cadance was speechless.

After talking for a few minutes, I asked Cady if she would like to share with her what God was doing in our life. As Cady told her of our plans to move to Uganda, she jumped with joy and promised to pray for us. She gave Cady a 20 bill and said, “Put this towards your Uganda money.”

When we walked away Cady said, “Mom, can you believe that just happened. God spoke to my heart in a way that I needed to hear!” Thank you Jesus. He cares for each of us and longs to comfort our hearts in such a way that we know He is there. If someone had of told me that I looked like an angel and had a peace about me, I may not have thought much about it. God knew the words my daughter needed to hear.

That ladies nickname was Angel. I believe the Lord really sent us a heavenly messenger today.


We are continuing to meet with people who have partnered with us this summer and lining up churches that will allow us to come share the vision God has given us.

As of next month we will have no source of income other than fundraising money. People who chose to begin partnering with us financially will help us continue to live in the states as we reach our fundraising goals and enable us to continue speaking with churches and meeting with possible parters. Once we meet our fundraising goal, we will begin the process of moving.

If you would like to partner with us financially you can do so through Macedonian Call Inc. at P.O. Box 573 Dryden, Va 24243

*** Please note “White Family” in the memo. *****

Last but not least, we have purchased the domain http://www.whatsupwiththewhites.com. We are no longer at http://www.whatsupwiththewhites.wordpress.com, well because that’s just too long!

Thank you for continuing to pray for us!

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  1. Yvonne Dodson

    What a blessing! Thank you for letting us know about Cady and how God answered her prayers! God is good and He is good all the time. So thankful Cady knows His voice in everyday encounters. Purposeful positioning…I love it when God purposefully positions people in our lives to touch our hearts and to do His work!

  2. Bill Girard

    Only God…He amazes me every day, and so thankful He chose Cady to make me smile today! Love, love, love the Whites! Thanks for sharing Jerilyn!

  3. BB

    Jerilyn, I can’t tell you how much your story (testimony) about Cady touched my heart in such a way I can’t even explain. You guys are sooooooo Blessed to have her. When Dick first read it to me, I was tearing up so bad, that after words I could even play my game. Couldn’t see the screen for my eyes were so filled with tears. I needed to hear this story, as it is helping me to listen more when He speaks to me. I use to have a hard time with this, you know to recognize and feel when He does speak. I am so grateful to have you guys in my life, I know that God placed you guys in my life on purpose. You have helped me to grow so much closer to Him, Sometimes I slip as you know, but it is so much easier to pick myself up, brush off, and just keep going. There is a song out, one of my favorites, not sure of the title, but the words say it all “Let them see You in me, let them hear you when I speak.” This is what I thrive for every day. I don’t think that I would feel and be this way had I not met you guys. Cady is so very fortunate to have you as parents. She is growing up so fast, and has grown to love our Lord and Savior in such a mighty way. I am so happy and proud of her and so glad that she got the answer to her prayer. She is an angel. I’ve told this story several times since I read it and know that it lifted up those people as much as it did me. Love you guys with all my heart and always will. Thank Father for the many blessing they have been for us.

  4. Terry R.

    What a beautiful story of God’s provision, His faithfulness and His promises. Those He calls, He equips and prepares. He is preparing each one of you as He sees fit. If only we adults had that simple faith of precious children. I cannot wait to see how God continues to work in and through your family. Thank you for letting us all be a part of this journey. It is a gift. Love you guys and praying.

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