Clean Water and Tippy Taps

Last blog, I introduced you to 3 Stones Preventive Health Care Program. This is a 4 -session program including in home encouragement. The program teaches sanitation, hygiene and good health practices. We began the first session in two sites: Bulega and Busagazi.

The organization representatives said it usually takes about two years to see changes in a community. It takes a while for people’s habits to begin changing. As they learn together and encourage each other to make practical changes in their health… their whole lives change. They told us of stories of other locations where people are now building brick houses, sending children to university and starting busiIMG_2029nesses. Why?

1. Because they aren’t spending as much money on health care.
2. Because they have found hope that things can be better for them.

3. Because they have practically seen the hands and feet of Christ through these trainers. They are seeing people who not only are teaching them health practices based on the Word of God but care enough to enter their homes and encourage them.

These people are not only gaining knowledge. They are realizing that God loves them, created their bodies to be healthy, gives them tools to be healthy and wants what’s best for them. What a basic, but life-changing concept. As we watch people learning these concepts…. we are seeing them blossom.

It is so important that we not only love people with words, but with our actions. 

We even saw a change in one of our drivers, Charles. We have worked with Charles for years on our short term trips. Charles will drive for us for conferences, evangelism, children’s ministry, etc. Usually he drives, gives a cordial greeting, but stays with the van for most of the day. NOT THIS TIME! He is completely engaged. He participates, volunteers and even wants to take this training back to his village. It’s incredible to see the turn around in him. It’s like a whole new Charles!  (Charles is the tall one with a light blue shirt on, in the back right with his arms lifted the highest) Continue to pray for our partnership with 3 Stones in these villages. We will be working with them until March.


This week we also have a team from Colorado. They will be here until the 19th doing Church Leadership Discipleship and Evangelism.  Continue to lift them up as well.

Update on Momma Debbie: She is home from surgery and slowly recovering. The did well in surgery and in physical therapy. They even released her 3 days early. They have moved their date for returning to the states back to November to allow her a little extra time of healing. Thank you for praying!

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  1. so glad you are keeping me informed of all the things you and your family are doing. it sounds so amazing…..making me want to go to help !!!!!

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