Child Academic Sponsorship

School fees are one of the biggest challenges that many people face here in Uganda. Even the government schools require fees or the children are not allowed to attend. Each term they are required to provide not only their own supplies, but also supplies to help the school run. For many of the families this is a burden too great to bear. This is especially so for children with families who are facing great difficulties.

Hannah Moshi

East African Outreach Staff Children

Our Bible Teachers travel two weeks a month to bring God’s Word to remote parts of Uganda. Being a faith based organization, we seek the Lord together for the funding from year to year. One of the ways we can bless these teachers is to offer their immediate family an academic scholarship through secondary school through your sponsorship. Currently there are 20 children in our East African Outreach Family.

It costs $25 to sponsor a child at the primary/elementary school level and $35 to sponsor a child at the secondary/high school/vocational level.

If you would like to commit to sponsorship of a child, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.