The community around Omega Baptist church – Nzigu has the highest number of witch doctors and child sacrifice cases in the country. Nzigu is predominantly a Muslim community.

Pastor Robert and Veronica had a God given vision to reach this community but they knew that a Christian church would not be welcomed in the community. However, they also saw need for a school and believed God could use a Christ – centered school to bring people to faith. Within one year of the school opening, the parents of the Muslim children were asking Pastor Robert to open up a church at the school so that children could come and hear him teach the Bible.

Program model: 

The ministry model covers the following core programs;

  • Omega Baptist children’s church; this ministers to all children and adults irrespective of their age and gender.
  • Hannah Moshi School (Day and Boarding); which caters for the majority pupils less than 15 years of age in both Nursery and primary.
  • Hannah Moshi child care 

The child care program is specifically dealing with children under sponsorship and entirely aim at discipleship classes for kids which includes; paying of school fees, provision of scholastic materials, communication between sponsors and their sponsored children

Beneficiary selection:

We register children from all denominations of faith that is to say; Muslims, Catholics, Anglicans, and Seven Day Adventists among others. The registration process of children under sponsorship program is free and fair and this is based on the vulnerability of the child and here our center of interest is in the needy of the neediest among Hannah Moshi’s school children

Summary of beneficiaries under sponsorship and their academic levels;





Advanced secondary school


Ordinary level Secondary school


Primary school


Not enrolled


Objectives of our ministry to children:

Our Ministry to children is holistic in nature; it widely covers the Spiritual, Social – emotional, Cognitive and Physical aspects of life.

  • Implement the  freedom in Christ discipleship curriculum every  Saturday
  • Do spiritual quiz competitions
  • Bible distribution
  • Children Sundays where children are given an opportunity to evangelize, and serve in their local church.
  • Discipleship and evangelism (Christmas and Easter celebrations, crusades, and spiritual conferences).
  • Service opportunities
  • Study tours
  • Curriculum implementation
  • Birthday , Christmas and Easter  celebrations
  • Games and sports
  • Debate competitions
  • Education support
  • Skills development and training covering tailoring, hairdressing and house hold sustainable agriculture.
  • Currently we have our vocational skills Centre under construction which is expected to serve the purpose of equipping children and caregivers with livelihood skills so that they can become economically self-supporting.
  • Career guidance
  • We also carry out sensitizations for Malaria
  • HIV care, sensitizations, and interventions
  • Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) interventions through networking with organizations like; International Needs Network and Health Initiatives -Uganda
  • Disaster interventions for sponsored children
  • Medical treatment and referrals
  • Sexual purity talks for youth in secondary school

Caregivers and house hold heads are trained in elementary agricultural skills that help them earn a living through our partnership with UWEPO – Nyenga.


Over the past 10 years, the ministry has attained the following;

  • we host summer teams for community evangelism through  East African Out Reach and Omega Local Church evangelism that goes around house to house in various villages around. Families have turned to Christ and have joined our church congregation here at school.

  • the school has developed a new Christian curriculum through Macedonian Call- EAO support that coordinates our call missions to supply the curriculum and text books for the school library. We hope for good results after Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and improved performance among our teaching staff and the learners.

 the program has greatly helped the entire ministry to develop and engage young people into ministry especially after primary school through their various gifting and talents to support the church of Christ locally. 

We have been able to reach to families of beneficiaries with mango tree seedlings, coffee and timber trees through partnership with UWEPO –Nyenga. Also over 100 non beneficiaries have received over 5000 coffee seedlings in the last one year. We hope this program will help them raise funds to pay school fees for their children.

We have also reached seven nearby schools with fruit tree planting programs and 13 neighboring villages in Najja sub – county have received fruit trees for house hold future economic sustainability through our partner UWEPO – Nyenga.

One sponsorship beneficiary received new permanent constructed house through sponsor – child relationships with Macedonian Call.

the church is developing ministry groups that are reaching out to communities in other neighboring districts to reach the women and youths. Two groups have been formed and these are; Christian Women Concerned and Global Youths for Christ

These have got two missions each year where they go to meet other women and youths in conferences organized by- Hannah Moshi. 

We saw several couples getting Christian marriages through these conferences.

It costs $25 to sponsor a child at the primary/elementary school level and $35 to sponsor a child at the secondary/high school/vocational level.

If you would like to commit to sponsorship of a child, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.