Child Scholarship Program

Hannah Moshi Primary School is built on a hill in Buikwe District of Uganda. This site was once used for Muslims to punish those who had broken Sharia law. What once was a place of death is now a place of new life.

Partnering with the ministry of Omega Baptist Church and Hannah Moshi Primary School, East African Outreach Child Scholarship Program strives to bring Gospel centered hope and help to the children of Buikwe. Children in scholarship program receive school fees, uniforms, lunches on school days, medical care at school and discipleship programs. Social workers visit the homes of the children regularly and offer counsel and help for the caregivers. “Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” Proverbs 22:6

The ministry model covers the following core programs:

  • Omega Baptist children’s church; this ministers to all children and adults irrespective of their age and gender.
  • Hannah Moshi School (Day and Boarding); which caters for the majority pupils less than 15 years of age in both Nursery and primary.
  • Hannah Moshi child care

The child care program is specifically dealing with children under sponsorship and entirely aim at discipleship classes for kids which includes; paying of school fees, provision of scholastic materials, communication between sponsors and their sponsored children.


Children who receive scholarship come from varying religious backgrounds including African Traditional Religion, Muslim, Seventh Day Adventist, Catholic and Protestant Christian. Caregivers of the children must fill out and application and undergo interview process to asses needs. Each child’s situation is evaluated yearly.


  • Regular discipleship training meetings and home visits
  • Scripture Memory
  • Bible Study Camps during school holidays
  • Bible distribution
  • Children Sundays where children are given an opportunity to evangelize, and serve in their local church.
  • Writing Gospel focused songs
  • Service opportunities
  • Study tours
  • Leadership Development
  • Communication with Donors
  • Birthday Christmas and Easter celebrations
  • Games and sports
  • Vocational Skills to help child and caregiver
  • Education support
  • Skills development and training covering tailoring, hairdressing and house hold sustainable agriculture.
  • Career guidance
  • Social workers help asses each child to help guide their educational and vocational goals
  • Christ-centered school curriculum
  • Health Classes
  • Malaria prevention and treatment
  • HIV care and interventions
  • Highly Vulnerable Children (HVC) interventions through networking with organizations like; International Needs Network and Health Initiatives -Uganda
  • Disaster interventions for sponsored children
  • Medical treatment and referrals
  • Sexual Purity

Caregivers and house hold heads are trained in elementary agricultural skills that help them earn a living through our partnership with UWEPO – Nyenga.


In the last 10 years, Hannah Moshi has grown from a stick structure covered in tattered tarps to one of the best preforming schools in Buikwe. With over 1,000 children, Hannah Moshi is producing some of the top students in the district. People are being drawn to the excellent education and to the light of Jesus that is displayed in every aspect of the program.

Many of the families and caregivers of the children in scholarship program have come to know Christ as a result of the scholarship program. Short term mission teams come in to assist with evangelism along with the school program and Omega Baptist Church. We are slowly but steadily seeing a change in the community as a result of the school’s impact. Buikwe is known to have the highest rate of child sacrifice in Uganda. We strive to protect these children and turn this statistic around.

The school has partnered with Roots2Fruits to implement a version of the Uganda Education Curriculum with a Biblical World View. This curriculum is proving to yield good results for testing as well as fruit in the spiritual lives of both students and teachers.

Over 50 children are receiving scholarship. These children receive a wholistic care including schooling, food, healthcare, discipleship and vocational training. Caregivers also receive assistance in income producing training. Caregivers have received mango trees through partnership with UWEPO –Nyenga. We have been able to distribute over 5000 coffee tree seedlings in hopes to help families grow their income.

Children of the scholarship program partnered with the members of Omega Baptist Church to construct a new home for one of the scholarship beneficiaries. This collaboration caught a lot of attention from the community that was once heavily influenced by the local witch doctor. The father in this family became a believer and faithfully serves in the church.

Children are given opportunities to serve within the church as well as in their communities. Omega Baptist has planted a church, Ebenezar Baptist. There is also talk of planting two other churches in the future as the Lord leads.


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