East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach (EAO) is the ministry organization we have partnered with for the last 6 years and will be serving with in Uganda. Terry Nester is the founder and Director of EAO. The organization is 10 years old.

The ministry has a three fold purpose:


First of all, we evangelize by sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. We work alongside existing missions organizations and churches, to help them in evangelism. We help through hut-to-hut visiting, evangelism training, showing The Jesus Film, conducting Bible Clubs/School Assemblies, and anything else that we can use as a means to proclaim the Gospel.


This ministry also exists to encourage the missionary community. We feel the need to come alongside existing missionary organizational leaders and staff, to encourage and support them in their work. Missionaries become discouraged and frustrated as they encounter the many challenges of serving God cross-culturally. In response to this great need, we began a Bible Study in our home, which has now developed into an international church named Acacia Community Church.


IMG_7378The average Ugandan pastor does not own a copy of the Bible and has no theological training. One of EAO’s goals is to radically change this statistic. EAO offers free theological training to pastors and church leadership where they are- in villages. Upon completion of this 9 month program, graduates receive a Bible School Certificate recognized by the Uganda Baptist Seminary. These credits can then be applied to further schooling at the seminary if the graduate pursues further education.

Upon arriving in country, Brian will serve alongside Terry in each area of the ministry. He will be teaching in the Bible Schools, seeking to start new Bible Training Schools in new districts and hopefully other countries in East Africa. Brian will be serving as a part of Acacia Community Church  as well as planning, hosting and leading teams.

Jerilyn will be serving in the communications and administration needs of East Africa Outreach.

To find out more visit,   www.macedoniancall.com
East Africa Outreach, makukuba

Living Water


 The children’s ministry of BridgePoint Church raised $700 towards funding a well in Uganda. We were so excited to be able to give that money towards this well in Makukuba that was dedicated just a few days ago. This community is going to be forever changed because of the presence of a clean and safe water source.

“In developing countries, about 80% of illnesses are linked to poor water and sanitation conditions. 1 out of every 5 deaths under the age of 5 worldwide is due to a water-related disease.” – www.thewaterproject.org Continue reading “Living Water”

East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach

East Africa Outreach Mission Statement

We have been called by Christ to take His message to the nations of East Africa. We have a three-fold purpose in our ministry.

First of all, we evangelize the nationsby sharing the gospel message of Jesus Christ. Our ministry is here to work alongside existing mission organizations and churches, to help them in evangelism. We help with personal evangelism by doing hut to hut visiting, and through soul winning training and equipping. Our ministry also shows the JESUS film and has open-air crusades. We will also be working in evangelism through the school ministry, prison ministry, and children’s and youth ministry.

Our ministry also exists to equip the believers. We do church, youth, and organizational conferences. We have seminars and training conferences for entry level discipleship with a purpose to train believers to stand firm in the truth of the Word of God. We equip believers to know the doctrines of the Bible that will help them to fulfill their role in the world. We now partner with the Uganda Baptist Seminary and the Baptist Union of Uganda. We are also opening Local Bible Schools for village pastors. Our ministry helps people to know that the Word of God can, “Be a lamp to their feet and light to their path.” (Psalm 119:105)

Our ministry exists as well to encourage Christian leadership. We feel the need tocome alongside existing missionary organizational leaders, to encourage them in theirwork in the ministry. Many of our missionaries are discouraged and frustrated. In response to this great need, we began a Bible Study in our home, which has now developed into an International Church, “Acacia Community Church”. Our ministry here is to, “encourage them daily…” (Hebrews 3:13)

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