As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord

We have been here in Uganda for a month. It’s hard to believe that it has already been a month.  Most of this month has been spent settling into our home. There have been lots of repairs that either we or our landlord have done to prepare the house. We have had to repair plumbing, install hot water heaters, electrical work, lighting, repair screens on windows, order furniture, etc. That alone has kept us quite busy. The first few weeks that is all we were doing, and I began to get discouraged. It was about that time that Ramadan finished. Ramadan ends with a large holiday called Eid. On that day, none of our workers showed up. On that day I realized that we had been looking outside of our home for ministry opportunities, but the Lord was bringing ministry even into our own home. We were so focused on getting the work done on the house that we didn’t even realize that most of the workers were Muslim. That was a turning point! We began to pray daily for the people entering our gate. That we would be a blessing to them and that they would see Christ through us.

At the beginning of our time here, we didn’t have a day guard. Without someone guarding the gate, we were required to be here the entire time that people were working on the house. This slowed down the other things that we were needing to do. We began to pray, and asked you to pray, for the Lord to provide good, reliable guards.

Boy did he supply. Meet Mathias and  ben and matheasBen.

Mathias is our day guard. He guards the gate and helps us maintain our compound. Mathias is a believer in Christ and attends Acacia Community Church with us. He actually plays the bass guitar we donated to the church last year (and he’s VERY good)! He was looking for work that would allow him to consistently attend church. Mathias is from the D.R. of Congo. He lost his father in the war when he was just 7. His mother left him and his siblings in search for a better way to provide for them and was in a car accident very far from home and nearly died.  She couldn’t get back home. So he raised his siblings and worked to provide for them for 3 years. Even as a child, he was working jobs to pay his way through school and provide for his siblings. He is a great guy. We enjoy him so much. He loves the Lord and wants to serve Him. Mathias joins us each morning for breakfast and a devotion. He is memorizing Scripture with us and Cady reads him the children’s Jesus calling devotional most afternoons.

Ben is from a far eastern Uganda town. His tribe is a warrior tribe called the Teso. He is our night guard. He has done this work for years. He is a very honest and loving guy, but very serious about his job. He has 7 children and loves our children as well. Ben is reading Crazy Love by Francis Chan. We leave it out for him each night and he reads until sunset and in the early morning hours. Every week or so, Brian goes outside and has tea with him and they discuss what Ben is reading.

James will be our other night guard. He will rotate with Ben so that they can rotate weekends off. James is from Rwanda. I met him last year doing evangelism. We IMG_9232began sharing Jesus with the other security guards that lived near him regularly because of his influence on them. He was baptized last summer at Acacia Community Church and asked me to stand with him as his family. We approached him about working with us and he said, “I have been praying even this week about the Lord supplying me a different job.” James will start with us in September.

Last but not least, the Lord has brought 3 sweet little Muslim boys into our lives. They began hanging out around the gate. Then they came in jesus storybook2to play. Then they began coming every day at 4:00 pm, when they got home from school. We began praying with Noah, seeking the Lord on how we could share Christ with them. At first when I asked if they wanted to learn about what we believe, Omar, the oldest said, “No, I am a Muslim! But we can still be friends.” Just a few days later, we were leaving for Bible Study and he wanted to go with us. He couldn’t go that day, but he was insistent that day that we begin teaching him the Bible. We are 4 days into reading the Jesus Storybook Bible with them. They love it. Each day we only read one story and they beg to go further.

jesus storybookYesterday, we went as a family to their house. They invited us in and we spent an hour sitting with his grandmother, uncle, father and cousins. It was a beautiful thing and we ask you to continue to pray for that relationship. Pray that their eyes would be opened to the truth as our friendships grow.

Brian also began teaching in the Pastor Bible Schools. Last week he traveled to Bugiri and this week he will be in Busia, a bordertown with Kenya. He enjoys so much teaching these guys. We have been told that the Busia school has been one of the most incredible schools. The men had no idea they were teaching falsehood. They are humbled and eager to learn the truth. They are soaking in every word with humility and an eagerness to please the Lord. Continue to pray for these schools as well. 

Jenn’s Journal

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. It’s hard to believe that I have been in Uganda for a little over a month. I have been enjoying my time here. God has been working. Last Saturday we went and did evangelism in the village of Kimaka. The first time I shared the Gospel with the Evangecube in Kimaka, I was a little nervous.  God helped me overcome that. He allowed me to lead two women and a couple of children to the Lord. 🙂 That was really encouraging to be a part of that. I also have been able to go to the orphanage, Welcome Home, and I am going there again this afternoon. In the coming weeks I will be helping teach at a youth conference. Please pray that I would have boldness and courage to speak in front of the crowd and that God would give me His Words to say. Hopefully I will also be able to help at Ekisa. Ekisa is a minstry for special needs children. Later this month the Whites and I will be going on a safari at Murchison Falls. Thank you again for your prayers, I really appreciate them.

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  1. I am so glad to hear of your good news. proud and inspired. thank you for all of your prayers for family left at home. we do love each and every one of you. keep us posted on everything that happens and every adventure. missing you and loving the phone calls and your blogs.

  2. Tammy

    So good to hear what you guys have been up to. I know God will keep using you to further His Kingdom because you are such great servants! We love you and look forward to all that the Lord is going to do through you and your family.

    Lord, please continue to anoint, inspire, encourage, strengthen, protect and guide the Whites. Thank you that they are willing to be the hands and feet for us in Uganda. Bless them daily. Amen.

  3. Dot Smith

    Love reading about your adventures. I am so proud of the work you are doing serving our God.
    Love to all of you. Dot Smith

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