Bringing Bible Training to the Rural East Africa.

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We are striving hard to fight the theological epidemic of false teaching in East Africa by providing a year long Bible Training to Pastors and church leaders in the rural parts of East Africa.These Leaders have little to no access to theological training.The training is the equivalent to a Bible College Degree.Students spend 300 classroom hours on the following courses:

Macedonian Call is our sending organization.

They are a Christian 501(c)3 charitable foundation established to promote the Great Commission. The board of directors provides financial accountability as well as Christian accountability in general. They also take care of much of the administrative needs of faith-based fundraising. We are so thankful for their ministry throughout the world and also to us.

All donations for East Africa Outreach or the White Family should be filtered through Macedonian Call.

Child Sponsorship Program

The community around Omega Baptist church – Nziguhas the highest number of witch doctors and child sacrifice cases….

Pastor Training Center Curriculum

New Testament Survey 1 (Gospel)
The Pastor 1 (Call, qualifications and responsibilities)
Doctrine 1 (Bibliology)
The Bible and Family 1
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation I

New Testament II (Acts of The Apostles)
The Pastor II (False and True Pastor)
Doctrine II (Theology Proper)
The Bible and Family II
Bible Study Methods and Rules of Interpretation II

New Testament Survey III (Pauline Epistle)
Doctrine III (Christology)
Sunday School Organization (History & Theory)
How to Teach

New Testament IV (General Epistles)
Doctrine IV (Pneumatology)

Old Testament I (Pentateuch)
Doctrine V (Angels, Satan & Demons)
Church History I (Early Church & Reformation)
Sermon Preparation

Church History II (East African Church History)
Sermon Delivery

Old Testament II (Historical Books)
Doctrine VI (Anthropology & Harmatiology)

Old Testament III (Poetry and Wisdom)
Doctrine VII (Soteriology)
African Traditional Religion
(ATR)Christian Leadership Skills


Doctrine VIII (Ecclesiology) )
Old Testament IV (Prophets)
Church Planting
Christian Cults (Jehovah’s Witness, Mormons, & SDA)

Doctrine IX (Revelation & Eschatology)
Pastoral Counseling
Praise & Worship


Trauma Healing Training & Practicum
Old Testament Survey (Comp)
New Testament Survey (Comp)
Doctrine Survey (Comp)
Church History (Comp)
Pastor & Leadership (Comp)

Sam Kitibwa

This Radio covers very many districts including pallisa, Ngora, Kumi, Mbale, Soroti, Abbim, Tororo, Kaberamido, Bulambuli, Sironko, Bukedea, to mention according to the phone calls I received at the Radio stations from the list...

Terry Nester

I sure love that guy and East African Outreach!

Pr. Alfred

Alfred says that he sees that God has enabled people who misinterpreted the Bible to understand it better. False teachers are on the rise in East Africa. Only through the real teaching of Gods Word can help them.

Pastor Sam

Pastor Sam is married with 7 children. He is also the father of Jacob Kasule, our PTC Director. He teaches in English, Luo and Swahili

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